Youth Speed/Agility/Jump and Strength Training

One on One Training Sessions


Fat Burning Bootcamps, Get Out of Pain Today!, and Stroller Bootcamps

8 Sessions = $120 over 4 weeks


Unlimited Classes for $197/month

(3x week is less than $17 per class)*

Group Sessions:

8 sessions = $280

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Pay-as-you-go for $27/class

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Group Sessions:

16 sessions = $400

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*Classes are purchased on a rolling enrollment, meaning that every month you will be charged the appropriate amount depending on the class options you choose. This ensures several things:

1. Your guaranteed spot in our class. Classes will fill up quickly and we want to keep the numbers low to be able to over-deliver amazing results.

2. Reaching your goals means a consistent program with new challenges along the way. You will improve every class, but to see results that last, we want you to be involved with our programs as we take you through several different training cycles.

3. We are building a community of fit athletes who support and believe in each other. Our most successful clients are the ones who stuck with it, invited their friends, and have other Rhymer Fitness friends to count on.

Rhymer Fitness partners with local, regional and national organizations to bring you the best fitness experience possible. Check out their websites.

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