Unlike most personal trainers and fitness consultants, Rhymer Fitness needs only one thing to train you. You.

Our non-traditional approach enables us to workout anywhere, using almost anything for “equipment”.

We can workout:

• in your home gym or at your local gym (membership required)

• at a neighborhood park

• at Carolina Courts

• at our home gyms in South Charlotte ( Jason | Bobby )

And you won’t need any equipment. We provide everything, from sledgehammers and tractor tires, to kettlebells and wheel burrows. Here is a list of some other “equipment” you will be using:

• Sandbags

• Park benches

• Hills

• Stairs

• Deck of cards

• Scrabble tiles

• Your body weight

Of course, there are some traditional items, too. Free weights, exercise bands, medicine balls and weighted bars. But there are no machines and the emphasis is always on creativity.

Image right, courtesy of Carolina Courts.

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Sometimes it can be hard to go to the gym and figure out what you should do, but when you have the guidance that Rhymer Fitness has provided it makes the difference. I’m not just doing it for a prize at the end, but to have a healthy lifestyle. They’ve helped to motivate me to be in the best shape of my life!"

Tiffany Stegall

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