Every Rhymer Fitness program is designed to leave you feeling a strong sense of accomplishment – never beat down or worn out. 

We start with a personal assessment and then personalize a fitness program that is right for you.

Type of Group

• Individual

• Small Group

• Large Group

• Corporate

• Christian Youth Group

Type of Person

• Women

• Men

• Youth/Teens

• Older Adult

• Athletes

• New Moms

Type of Exercise

• Strength and Conditioning

• Weight Loss and Weight Management

• Body Building

• Mind / Body / Spirit

• Cardio Fitness

• Wellness Focus (special health issues)

High kicks, jumping jacks and burpees will banish cardio machine drudgery for good. At Rhymer Fitness, we are constantly looking for new ways to workout.

Browse our ever expanding gallery of creative exercises and programs. There is something for everyone.


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You are a miracle worker. You would have been so PROUD of your work in Jack on the baseball field this week. He is running like a superstar and outrunning close plays at bases that would have been outs on him a week ago!”

JoDell Ziegler, parent

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