We feel blessed to have worked with so many amazing men, women, children and families.

“I bought my first tankini yesterday. Now to be honest, I'm still very nervous about it but last year I was so unhappy about the shape of my body. I dreaded buying a bathing suit for my vacation. This year, I feel really good about the shape of my body (ready to showcase my guns!) I'm not going to worry about being next to my size 6 sister in law and size 8 sister!” -Allie

“From the first time we met, I felt like we were friends and that I could trust you. You never gave up on me and kept pushing me to be better.” -Olivia

“Exercise is great stress relief, and I find myself coping and dealing with change differently and more effectively than before. Everything has improved, including my social and professional lives. I look forward to maintaining the trend, and continue to set new and challenging goals for myself.” -John

“He really listened to me about what my fitness goals were and tailored a work out to help me become stronger and more fit over the months. I was simply amazed at my strength after just a few months. Over our time together, Jason has also become a friend and trusted advisor in the whole realm of strength and nutrition.  I truly feel blessed to have had an opportunity to have him change my views of ‘physical trainers’ out there!” -Kelly

“I‘ve recently had some major hardships, but since I started training with Jason, I finally feel in control of me. That gives me such peace. While working out has a lot to do with it, there’s more to it - it’s Jason’s support.” -Kristin

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The results have been almost shocking - the shape of my body is changing with every week!”


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